What makes this course interesting?

  • Explore works of art in person and virtually, through observation, discussion, reading, and research
  • Learn to evaluate a work of art through critical analysis instead of rushing to opinion or judgment


Learn to critically analyze works of art within diverse historical and cultural contexts, considering issues such as politics, religion, patronage, gender, and ethnicity.

Explore major forms of artistic expression including architecture, sculpture, painting and other media from across a variety of cultures. Learn about the purpose and function of art as you develop your ability to articulate visual and art historical concepts in verbal and written form.

Important Update

Within the identifying information for the Great Mosque of Córdoba in the previous version of the AP Art History Course and Exam Description (pages 63, 244), the word “begun” was inadvertently excluded from the date of creation. The identifying information should read as follows:

56. Great Mosque. Córdoba, Spain. Umayyad. Begun c. 785–786 C.E. Stone masonry.

This has been corrected in the course and exam description online. If you supply the previously published date of creation (“c. 785–786 C.E.”) on the 2016 exam, you will not be penalized for an incorrect response in the multiple-choice section and will earn credit for the identifier in the free-response section.

AP Art History Course and Exam Description (PDF)

AP Art History Course Overview (PDF)

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