The AP Art History Exam is 3 hours long and includes a 60-minute multiple-choice and a 120-minute free-response section.

Section I: Multiple Choice; 60 minutes

  • 80 questions total; approximately 35 discrete questions and 45 questions in sets
  • 50% of total exam score

Section II: Free-Response; 120 minutes

  • 6 questions total; two 30-minute essay questions and four 15-minute essay questions
  • 50% of total exam score

Important Update

Within the identifying information for the Great Mosque of Córdoba in the previous version of the AP Art History Course and Exam Description (pages 63, 244), the word "begun" was inadvertently excluded from the date of creation. The identifying information should read as follows:

56. Great Mosque. Córdoba, Spain. Umayyad. Begun c. 785–786 C.E. Stone masonry.

This has been corrected in the course and exam description online. If you supply the previously published date of creation ("c. 785–786 C.E.") on the 2016 exam, you will not be penalized for an incorrect response in the multiple-choice section and will earn credit for the identifier in the free-response section.

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