The AP Chemistry exam is 3 hours long and includes both a 90-minute multiple-choice section and a 90-minute free-response section. The multiple-choice section accounts for half of your exam grade, and the free-response section accounts for the other half.

You will be allowed to use a scientific calculator on the entire free-response section of the exam. Additionally, you will be supplied with a periodic table of the elements and a formula and constants chart to use on both the multiple-choice and free-response sections.

The multiple choice section contains 60 questions and lasts 90 minutes. The free response section lasts 90 minutes and 3 Long Free Response and 4 Short Free Response questions.

Free Response and Multiple-Choice Questions

For sample multiple-choice questions and free response questions with scoring guidelines, please refer to the AP Chemistry Course and Exam Description on pages 118 - 143, which can be found in the blue Exam Resources inlay to the right.

Free Response Questions and Scoring Guidelines