AP CSP can prepare you for success not only in computer science majors and careers but also in other fields and interests. For example, computer science skills can help you:

  • Create apps to track health data and provide real- time suggestions for ways to live healthier
  • Program models and experiments that help answer biology, physics, and sociology questions
  • Design and build robots for use in fields like manufacturing, surgery, research, and transportation
  • Create tools people use to collect money for causes they care about

Hear your peers celebrate their projects

Kaila on AP CSP

Built a travel app to plan for weather

Hamed on AP CSP

Created his own music without an instrument

Lily on AP CSP

Taught children the ABCs with her own app

Anna on AP CSP

Working together creatively

Delaney on AP CSP

Helping your community through collaboration and teamwork

Ocean on AP CSP

Standing out with strategy and teamwork

Brandon on AP CSP

Collaboration and hands-on learning

Sean on AP CSP

Pursuing computer science to help society

Dylan on AP CSP

Power to do what you want to do

Jeremy on AP CSP

Create what you imagine