The AP Psychology Exam is approximately two hours long and has two parts — multiple choice questions and free response questions. The multiple choice section is worth two-thirds and the free response section is worth one-third of the final exam grade.

The multiple choice section contains 100 questions and is 1 hour and 10 minutes long.

The free-response section of the AP Psychology exam consists of two questions worth 33% of the total exam score. The questions may require students to interrelate different content areas and analyze and evaluate psychological concepts and/or theoretical perspectives. Students are expected to use their analytical and organizational skills to formulate cogent answers in writing their essays.

To demonstrate an understanding of psychological concepts, perspectives, and research methodology, students must answer the questions clearly, in complete sentences, and within the context of the prompt. Outlines and lists alone are not acceptable responses. Providing definitions of the psychological terms alone may not score points but may help students better apply the concepts. Responses that contradict themselves, involve circular definitions, or simply restate the question are unacceptable.

The following are common directives used in the AP Psychology Free-Response Questions (FRQs).

  • Identify requires that students name or point out psychological concepts as they pertain to the question.
  • Show or describe requires students to detail the essential characteristics and/or examples of a particular concept, theory, or phenomenon.
  • Explain, discuss, and relate require that students make logical and coherent connections among the prompt (or premise), question, and psychological concepts. 

You can use the free response questions and scoring guidelines below as you prepare for the AP Exam.

Multiple Choice Questions

For sample multiple choice questions, please refer to the AP Psychology Course Description, which can be found in the blue, Exam Resources inlay to the right.

Free Response Questions and Scoring Guidelines

Free Response Questions and Scoring Guidelines: login

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All documents are PDFs unless otherwise indicated.


All documents are PDFs unless otherwise indicated.