This course will equip you with the skills to analyze and evaluate information with accuracy and precision in order to craft and communicate evidence-based arguments. You will have the opportunity to explore real-world issues from multiple perspectives and consider varied points of view to develop deep understanding of complex issues and topics in order to make connections between these issues and your everyday life. Gain a rich appreciation and understanding of issues by reading articles, listening to speeches or broadcasts, and experiencing artistic and literary works.

The primary goals of the AP Seminar course are to help you understand how to study an issue from multiple perspectives, evaluate source information, and then develop and communicate effectively a logical, evidence-based point of view. You will practice and apply these skills through the exploration of the complex topics and by examining a variety of and often divergent or competing perspectives.

Teachers have the flexibility to choose one or more themes that allow for deep exploration based on:

  • Concepts or Issues from other AP courses
  • Student interests
  • Local and/or civic issues
  • Global or international topics

The course provides opportunities for you to:

  • Thoroughly explore different themes while considering diverse perspectives (e.g., cultural and social, artistic and philosophical, political and historical, environmental, economic, and scientific).
  • Analyze a wide variety of source material to gain a rich appreciation and understanding of issues, including: articles; research studies; foundational, literary, and philosophical texts; speeches; broadcasts; personal accounts; artistic works; and performances.
  • Work collaboratively with a team to identify, investigate, analyze, and evaluate an academic or real-world problem or issue. Consider options, alternatives, or solutions and develop a multimedia presentation to communicate your conclusion or recommendation.
  • Work independently to identify a research question based on provided source material and then research that topic. Analyze, evaluate, and select evidence to develop an argument that you will present and defend. Finally, produce a multimedia presentation delivered to your classmates.

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