The exam is approximately 3 hours long and includes both a 95 minute multiple-choice section and an 85 minute free-response section. The multiple-choice section accounts for 50% your exam grade, and the free-response section for the other 50%.

Section I: Multiple Choice

Part A: Interpretive Communication: Print Texts — 30 questions; ~40 minutes

  • This section consists of a variety of authentic print materials (e.g., journalistic and literary texts, announcements, advertisements, letters, charts, maps, and tables). You will respond to questions about these authentic materials that ask for main ideas and supporting details, questions about the meaning of vocabulary words in context, as well as questions that ask you about the author’s point of view or the target audience.

Part B: Interpretive Communication: Print and Audio Texts (combined), followed by Audio Texts: 35 questions, ~55 minutes.

  • This section consists of a variety of authentic audio materials, including interviews, podcasts, public service announcements, conversations, and brief presentations. This section is divided into two subsections. The first subsection includes audio texts that are paired with print materials; the second consists solely of audio texts. You will have time to read a preview of each selection and skim the questions before listening to the audio. All audio texts will be played twice.

You are encouraged to take notes during this part of the exam and are given writing space for that purpose. Your notes will not be graded.

Total scores on the multiple-choice section are based on the number of questions answered correctly. Points are not deducted for incorrect answers and no points are awarded for unanswered questions.

Section II: Free Response — 4 Tasks; ~85 minutes

Interpersonal Writing: Email Reply

You read an email and write a reply in which you must respond to questions and provide requested information. You have 15 minutes to read the email and respond to it. This task is worth 12.5% of the final exam grade.

Presentational Writing: Persuasive Essay

You are given an essay prompt and three authentic sources (an article, a chart, graph, or table, and an audio source) which represent different points of view about the topic of the prompt. You then prepare and write a persuasive essay in which you state your point of view and integrate information from the three sources to support your perspective. You have approximately 55 minutes to interpret the sources and write your essay. You have access to the print sources and your notes from the audio source while you write your essay. This task is worth 12.5% of the final exam grade.

Interpersonal Speaking: Conversation

You are given an outline of a conversation. You then engage in the conversation by responding to five prompts. You have 20 seconds for each response. This task is worth 12.5% of the final exam grade.

Presentational Speaking: Cultural Comparison

You are given one prompt about a cultural topic. You prepare and then present an oral presentation in which you compare and contrast perspectives or attitudes about this cultural topic in your own community with those in a Spanish-speaking community with which you are familiar. You have 4 minutes to read the prompt and prepare your answer, and 2 minutes to present and record your presentation. This task is worth 12.5% of the final exam grade.

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