University of West Alabama

Livingston, AL
Offers credit for AP Exams
Offers placement into higher-level courses for AP Exams

From the college: A student who has a total of 60-90 semester hours credit from any institution or combination of institutions may, with prior written approval of his/her Dean, take lower-level courses only (equivalent to courses at UWA which are numbered in the 200 series) at a junior college, provided the work is not to be used in a curriculum area where the student has a quality-point deficiency and provided the student has not previously taken an equivalent course at UWA with a grade of “F” or “D.”
For more information, view the credit policy on this college's website.

Additional restrictions and requirements may apply to the policy listed below. For more detailed information, visit the college's AP policy on the Web or contact the college directly.

University of West Alabama Credit Policy
Min. Score
of Credits
Art History 3 3 Survey of Art History I
4 6 Survey of Art History I&II
Biology 3 4 Introduction to Biology I
4 8 Introduction to Biology I&II
Calculus AB 3 4 Calculus I
Calculus BC 3 8 Calculus I & II
Chemistry 3 4 General Chemistry I
4 8 General Chemistry I & II
Comparative Government and Politics 3 3 Government Comparative
Computer Science A 3 3 Microcomputer Applications
English Language and Composition 3 3 Written English I
4 6 Written English I & II
English Literature and Composition 3 3 Written English I
4 6 Written English I&II
Environmental Science 3 4 Intro to Environmental Science
European History 3 3 Western Civilization I
4 6 Western Civilization I & II
French Language and Culture 3 6 Introductory French I & II
Macroeconomics 3 3 Macroeconomics
Microeconomics 3 3 Microeconomics
Music Theory 3 4 Music Theory I
4 8 Music Theory I & II
Physics B 3 8 College Physics I & II
Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism 3 -- College Physics II
Physics C: Mechanics 3 4 College Physics I
Psychology 3 3 General Psychology
Spanish Language and Culture 3 6 Introductory Spanish I & II
Spanish Literature and Culture 3 6 Introductory Spanish I & II
Statistics 3 3 Applied Statistics
Studio Art: Drawing Portfolio 3 6 Drawing I & Basic Design
United States Government and Politics 3 3 American Government
United States History 3 3 American History I
4 6 American History I & II