Dillard University

New Orleans, LA
Offers credit for AP Exams
Offers placement into higher-level courses for AP Exams

From the college: Students who have taken part in the Advanced Placement Program of the College Board may receive course credit for each examination in which an acceptable grade is earned. If a student earns a grade of 3, 4, or 5 he or she may be granted credit in the subject areas. Advanced Placement scores below 3 are not acceptable for course credit. These credits are counted as hours earned and may be applicable toward a degree. These credits do not affect the student’s semester grade point average. Students who have participated in this program and who plan to register at Dillard University should have their Advanced Placement Examination records sent to the Office of Enrollment Management prior to enrollment.
For more information, view the credit policy on this college's website.

Additional restrictions and requirements may apply to the policy listed below. For more detailed information, visit the college's AP policy on the Web or contact the college directly.

Dillard University Credit Policy
Min. Score
of Credits
Biology 3 4 BIO 101/BIO 101L (Non-Science Majors) BIO 111/BIO 111L (Science Majors)
Calculus AB 3 3 MAT 201
Chemistry 3 4 CHE 104/104L
Computer Science A 3 3 CS 101
English Language and Composition 3 3 ENG 111
5 6 ENG 111 & 112
English Literature and Composition 3 3 ENG 111
5 6 ENG 111 & 112
French Language and Culture 3 3 101/102 Level
Macroeconomics 3 3 ECO 203
Microeconomics 3 3 ECO 202
Physics 1 3 4 PHY 201/PHY 201L
5 8 PHY 201/PHY 201L & PHY 202/PHY 202L
Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism 3 4 PHY 201/201L
5 8 PHY 201/201L & 202/202L
Physics C: Mechanics 3 4 PHY 201/201L
5 8 PHY 201/201L & 202/202L
Psychology 3 3 PSY 101
Spanish Language and Culture 3 3 101/102 Level