Tomorrow’s possibilities start today.

There are a million paths to your future. By giving you the opportunity to explore what interests you the most, AP courses help you find and pursue your unique direction.

There are more than 30 AP courses, each one of which connects directly to a wide variety of college majors and careers. For example, if you’re thinking about law enforcement, did you know that it might help to take AP Psychology? Or that, if you want to be a sociologist, AP Statistics could be a good first step? Excited to know more? Use the tool above to see what AP courses prepare you for other future paths.

AP courses also help you transform the subjects you’re enthusiastic about into a fulfilling future. If you’re into studying languages, taking one in AP could help you in everything from a college major in languages to a career in Anthropology, Ethnic Studies, or Fashion Design. Surprised? See where an AP course subject could take you by using the tool above.


“I would never have even thought about going into the engineering field if it wasn't for these AP classes, these AP teachers, and them helping me realize that this is a major calling in my life.”
— Thomas, AP student