There are many reasons to take AP courses and exams: You can save time and money in college, stand out in the admission process, earn academic scholarships and awards, and build skills and habits that will help you succeed in your life after high school.

Not sure which AP course to take? Your scores on the PSAT/NMSQT®, PSAT™ 8/9, PSAT™ 10, or SAT® ​​​​​​can help you decide which ones might be right for you. When you access your scores online, our AP Potential tool shows you which AP courses you’re likely to do well in. Here’s what to do:

  1. Sign in to your score report.
  2. From the dashboard, select the AP Potential tab.
  3. Scroll down for a list of AP courses and look for your own AP Potential indicator next to each. (To see what the indicators mean, check the key at the top of the page.)
  4. You can see which of the courses are offered in your school.
  5. You can also see which courses match a college major that you told us you’re interested in.

Make a list of the AP courses that seem like good matches for you and schedule a meeting to talk about your list with a teacher or counselor. You can prepare for the meeting by using the AP Student conversation starter.

And remember, the AP Potential tool gives you just one indicator of your readiness for AP. You may show readiness for AP in other ways — your grades, your interest in the subject, or your success in earlier courses, for example. Talk to a teacher or counselor about your next steps for taking AP. 

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