Sure, succeeding on an AP Exam is mostly about working hard in your AP class, but it also involves knowing what to expect on exam day. Learn everything you need to know about taking the exams, from signing up to showing up.
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About the Exams

What’s an AP Exam really like? How long does it last? What types of questions are on the exam?

Get introduced to AP Exams and learn about registering, exam fees, testing accommodations and more.

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Exam Dates

AP Exams are usually given in the first two weeks of May. Plan ahead by checking out this year's exam schedule and other important AP dates.

See AP Calendar to see when AP Exams are administered along with other information that can help you get ready for Exam day.

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Exam Policies

AP Exam policies help make sure that everyone has a standardized and fair exam experience. Get smart about the rules before you test: violating exam policies can cost you your score.

Check out AP Exam policies to learn about exam security, what you can and cannot bring on exam day, late testing information and more

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Preparing for the Exams

Get ready to test your best with practice questions and exam taking tips.


Get practice questions and prepare for AP Exams to help you get ready for the AP Exams in May

About Digital Submission

About Digital Submission

In certain AP courses, you’ll submit work online in addition to, or instead of, a written exam administered in May.

Find out more about digital submission