AP Exam policies keep your test experience fair and secure.

Important AP Exam Information

  • Coming soon: 2018-19 Bulletin for AP Students and Parents

Agreeing to Exam Security Policy and Procedures

All AP students deserve a fair and uniform testing experience, whether they are taking the exam in Connecticut, California, or China.

To help make this happen, the AP Program requires every AP student to read, agree to, and follow the “Test Security and Test Administration Policies and Procedures” that appear each year in the Bulletin for AP Students and Parents.

On exam day, before you can take your AP Exam, you will be required to sign your answer sheet, indicating that you have read and agree to follow all the policies and procedures in the Bulletin for AP Students and Parents. You will also need to sign the covers of your multiple-choice and free-response booklets, affirming statements related to the security of the exam.

See the Exam Security webpage for information about an update to the College Board test security policy that prohibits individuals from taking the SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and AP Exams when we conclude they have gained or attempted to gain or share an unfair advantage on any College Board test.

Exam Score Cancellation

Designed to protect the integrity of the AP Exam and AP Exam scores, if your testing experience — even through no fault of your own — does not adhere to the “Test Security and Test Administration Policies and Procedures,” the College Board reserves the right to cancel your AP Exam score.