Get ready for the exams by practicing with sample questions and knowing what to expect on exam day.

To help you prepare to do your best on the AP Exam, here are practice questions and tips for labeling your exam materials and completing exam responses.

Practice Questions



History & Social Science

Math & Computer Science


World Languages & Cultures


Labeling Your AP Exam Materials

You must place an AP number label on each of the exam materials where it is indicated to do so. If you don’t, it may be impossible to match your answer sheet with your exam materials, which could delay or jeopardize your AP score.

  • Your sheet of bar-coded number labels is located in the center of the AP Student Pack that will be given to you on or before exam day.
  • You are assigned a unique number each year you take AP Exams.
  • Never use anyone else’s AP labels or number.
  • A removable card is provided in your AP Student Pack to help you keep a record of your AP number. You will need your AP number throughout the exam administration and in the months following the exam to order score reports and other services.
  • For the AP Chinese Language and Culture and Japanese Language and Culture Exams your AP number must be keyed accurately into the exam computer.
  • For the AP Studio Art Exams, your AP number must be keyed accurately into the Digital Submission web application and, if you are submitting a Drawing or 2-D Design portfolio, your AP number needs to be attached to each artwork submitted for your Selected Works section.


Completing Exam Responses

You must follow the instructions below for completing exam responses; if you do not, your score could be negatively affected.

  • All of your answers for the multiple-choice section must be indicated on your answer sheet by filling in the appropriate circles. Do not write your answers for the multiple-choice section in the exam booklets. If you do, your answers will not be scored.
  • Answers for the free-response section must be written in the Section II exam booklet. Some exams have additional orange Section II booklets containing exam questions — do not write answers in these booklets.
  • All answers for the free-response section must be in English, with the exception of the Chinese Language and Culture, French Language and Culture, German Language and Culture, Italian Language and Culture, Japanese Language and Culture, Spanish Language and Culture, and Spanish Literature and Culture Exams. Any responses not adhering to this policy will not be scored.