After you have completed all work on your digital portfolio and your registration information, your final step is to formally forward your portfolio to your AP Studio Art teacher. We recommend that you forward your completed portfolio to your teacher by late April, so that your teacher has enough time to review your portfolio and forward it to your school's AP coordinator for final submission to AP. Talk to your teacher, and be sure to follow his or her specific deadline(s).

By sometime in April, your AP coordinator should provide you with your AP number and a list of college codes. You will need your AP number in order to submit your digital portfolio to your teacher. When you forward your portfolio online, you will also be given the option to enter a particular college code. This will designate that college to receive your AP score(s).

When you're ready to forward your portfolio and your AP coordinator has provided you with your AP number and list of college codes, click Forward Portfolio to Teacher under Actions in the left navigation panel of your portfolio view page (shown below). Once you click this link, you will be prompted to either review or complete your required registration information.

Make sure you are completely finished working on your portfolio before you forward it. Once you have forwarded your digital portfolio, you won't be able to view its contents or make any changes to it unless your teacher sends the portfolio back to you.

Forward Portfolio

Once your registration information is complete, you will be taken to a summary screen like the one shown below, which lists the status (complete or incomplete) of each section of your portfolio and what's missing if the section is incomplete.

In addition, this screen will ask you to enter the following information:

  • AP number (required)
  • College code of the institution you wish to receive your AP score report (optional)

As mentioned above, your school's AP coordinator should provide you with your AP number and a list of college codes by sometime in April.

Forward Portfolio - Part 2

The application will then take you through a series of pages:

  1. Survey questions (optional)
  2. Questions about permission to reproduce your artworks
  3. Statements about the artistic integrity of your work and about work that makes use of photographs, published images, and/or other artists' work (shown below)

After you have confirmed all the statements on the final page by clicking their checkboxes, click Forward Portfolio.

Forward Portfolio - Part 3