If you have a disability that affects how you test, accommodations are available.

If you have a documented disability, you may be eligible for accommodations on the AP Exams such as:

  • Extended time
  • Large-type exams
  • ATC format
  • Large-block answer sheets
  • Permission to use a braille device, computer, or magnifying device
  • A reader to dictate questions
  • A writer to record responses
  • A written copy of oral instructions; as well as other accommodations

You must request accommodations from the College Board Services for Students with Disabilities office. Scores for students who test with accommodations that have not been preapproved by the College Board will not be reported.

Requesting Accommodations

To request accommodations, speak to your school's SSD coordinator. Visit Services for Students with Disabilities for more information on how to request testing accommodations.

  • If you have previously been approved by the College Board for testing accommodations (for example, when you took the PSAT/NMSQT or SAT), you do not need to submit a new request.
  • If you transferred schools after being approved for testing accommodations, notify the SSD coordinator at your new school of the prior approval. If you need different accommodations, your school's SSD coordinator may submit an Accommodations Change Form for you.

Deadline to Submit Requests for Accommodations

The College Board must receive your request for accommodations and supporting documentation (if needed) by February 22. This date is seven weeks before the ordering deadline for AP Exams because it takes approximately seven weeks from the receipt of all necessary documentation for the College Board to determine your eligibility for accommodations. If requests are submitted after this date, there is no guarantee that accommodations will be approved and appropriate exam materials will be shipped in time for the test.

Next Steps

You are your own best advocate for ensuring that you receive the testing accommodations you need; this means that you are also responsible for following through on the required procedures. Discuss your needs with your SSD coordinator as early as possible before the deadlines, and then confirm with them that everything has been submitted. You share the responsibility for ensuring that your accommodations request has been submitted — and approved — and that you will receive the accommodations you need.

If you need a photoenlarged copy of the Bulletin for AP Students and Parents, contact AP Services for Students at apstudents@info.collegeboard.org or 888-225-5427.